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Cinematic Videographer

For Weddings we do not charge hourly rates. We plan to be with you throughout the entire day from the Bride & Groom preparation to the reception and sendoff shot. We do not want to be a distraction to you and your guests and believe that candid shots bring out the most authenticity to your film. 

You can expect your film ready within a 10 week period from your special day.

Weddings/Formal Events


1 Videographer 

5-10 Minute Cinematic Highlight Film

$200 Non-Refundable Deposit

Weddings/Formal Events


2 Videographers 

5-10 Minute Cinematic Highlight Film

$200 Non-Refundable Deposit

A la Carte

Full Ceremony & Speeches - $200

Instagram Teaser Video - $100

Complete Raw Footage W/USB - $50

Casual Events


5-7 Minute Cinematic Highlight Film

Engagement Video (2 min video) - $250

Casual Events:

- Birthdays

- Engagement Video

- Sports

- Business Promos

DJ Services

Weddings/Corporate Events/Formal Events

$200/hr Min. 4hrs

$200 Non-Refundable Deposit

Birthdays/Block Parties/Casual Events

$100/hr Min. 4hrs

$125/hr 1-3hrs

+$25-$50 [Beyond 20 Mile radius]

We specialize on offering first class services while helping our clients stay on or below budget!

Photo Booth Services

Add some fun to the party by having our photo booth bring out the crazy smiles from your guests! Having a photo booth at your event will definitely add fun times and you may even see smiles from some of your guests that you didn't know that they even smiled like that! Book now!

Weddings/Corporate Events/Formal Events

$800 up to 3hrs

+$150 per additional hr

Unlimited Prints

All Photos Saved for Client

On Site Worker 

$200 Non-Refundable Deposit

Birthdays/Casual Events

$500 up to 3hrs

+$150 per additional hr

Unlimited Prints

All Photos Saved for Client

On Site Worker

$200 Non-Refundable Deposit

DJ Equipment Rental

Our SoundBoks Speaker is a battery powered bluetooth speaker which is powerful enough for a block party. Perfect for outdoors! Battery will last your full event. 

SoundBoks 2

$200 up to 3hrs

$50/per additional hr

If you're in need of Powered Speakers for a gig or just to rent for a party then you have the option to rent one or two of our Mackie Thump Speakers. Both are 1000w and great for parties.

Mackie Thumps 1000w

$200 up to 3hrs - 1 Speaker

$50/per additional hr - 1 Speaker

$250 up to 3hrs - 2 Speakers

$50/per additional hr - 2 Speakers

We are open to discussing package deals with multiple services!